[UPDATE] Jack is Back in the Latest Trailer From 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY

After taking the world by storm in the best Super Bowl spot of the year, the upcoming limited series-event/continuation of one of the best shows on television, 24: Live Another Day, has been ramping up its marketing campaign leading up to the return of former CTU agent Jack Bauer in May. Today, we get a much clearer look at what to expect, with an all new trailer, and what we’re seeing looks awesome.

Let’s all hope the series kicks off the way this trailer does and just dives right into Jack kicking major, major ass while making full blown tactical teams look like groups of children. This trailer is everything we could want: a little bit of the promise of a terrorist attack, Jack on the run against the U.S. government while trying to save it, and Chloe. Lots and lots of Chloe, and in goth gear! Love it.

The sooner May 5th gets here, the happier we all will be.


Check out this sweet key art FOX just released for the event.

24 LAD - Key Art

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