Channel your fighting game love into a webseries-watching Hadouken, because premiering very soon on Machinima will be a Street Fighter live-action show. Based on the the nearly 30 year old franchise, Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist will bring the face-kicking action to life for a series following the origins of its two most popular characters, Ken Masters and Ryu, as they work their way up to vying for the title of Ansatsuken Master, which looks very nice on business cards.

The series, which will be shown in its entirety on Machinima (no release date given quite yet), is co-created by Joey Ansah and Christian Howard, who also play Akuma and Ken, respectively, and directed by Ansah. This follows on from the wildly successful fan film Street Fighter: Legacy, for which Ansah was on the creative team. As the previous big screen Street Fighter outings were both terrible, we have faith just from the following teaser that it’ll be much more in line with what fans want to see.

As they did with previous series Mortal Kombat: Legacy II, Machinima will put all of the episodes for Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist out on the day of release, allowing fans to devour them faster than Blanka and a rack of ribs. (Seriously, it’s not pretty, you guys.) Stay tuned to find out when you can enjoy all the hurricane kicking, and maybe we’ll finally find out what they shout when that happens. Pete Holmes certainly doesn’t know.

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