Great Scott! HUVr Tech’s Viral Hover Board Video a Funny or Die Hoax

For those of you who’ve already invested millions in HUVrTech, the supposed inventor of the Back to the Future-like hover board, you might want to see if you can get your money back. Turns out the viral video featuring the hover board in action is the product of the folks over at Funny or Die.

On Tuesday, HUVr tech posted an enticing video of a Marty McFly-style hover board being tested, and the clip quickly went viral. The video features cameos from Tony Hawk, Moby, and who else but Dr. Emmett Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd. In the video, these celebs express their excitement over the new product and a few of them even try it out in a Downtown L.A. parking lot. The video even features former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens catching passes in mid-hover.

The video was officially debunked in a pretty funny way. Los Angeles costume designer Lauren Beidenharn worked on the HUVr Tech video and had posted said credit on her online profile (now removed), indicating that the video was produced by Funny or Die. Pretty hard to keep the ruse going once that intel was out there.

In the realm of hoaxes, this is a pretty good one. The obvious absence of a meaningful scientific explanation causes immediate doubt, but we have to hand it to the production staff: the boards really do look like they are hovering. If it weren’t for the over-acted loss of balance on Terrell Owens’ part, this observer might have fallen for it.

HT: Mashable, CNet

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