Get Your First Look At Alfonso Cuarón’s NBC Pilot, BELIEVE

As if winning best director at this year’s Oscars wasn’t enough, director extraordinaire Alfonso Cuarón is already set to premiere his latest work, the pilot of NBC’s upcoming series, Believe (which he also co-created). Today, the network has released a clip from the opening of the pilot, and yes, it is a long take:

So we have a car crash, some back woods, a secret group of people after a little girl, and an evil lady breaking necks. Yeah, we’ll watch this. Despite some highly publicized showrunner shakeups behind the scenes, this show looks cool enough to stick with for a few episodes. And if it makes a difference, it is a J.J. Abrams production as much as it is a Cuarón, so there’s that.

Believe premieres this Monday after The Voice on NBC.

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