GAME OF THRONES’ New Trailer Reveals Literally No One in the Realm is Happy

Secrets, secrets are no fun; Secrets, secrets hurt someone! Only, in the Realm of Game of Thrones, the secrets are often fun — oftentimes especially when they hurt other people. The fourth season of the HBO take on the George R.R. Martin fantasy novel series is inching closer ever still… even if we’re barely patient enough to deal with the wait. And in the latest trailer released on Sunday — titled “Secrets” because of course — the citizens of Westeros are dealing with the fallout from an entire season’s worth of seriously secretive machinations. And nobody’s happy about it.

Secret alliances, dalliances, machinations, procreations, and the like are all at play following season three’s epic finale, with plenty more where that came from in store for the upcoming installment. That’s what happens when the world as you once knew it has been ripped apart at the very seams! Which is likely why this trailer opted for the words of its characters rather than the typically flashy song-and-dance of ice and fire to which we’re more accustomed. No matter though: we’re just hoping April 6th will hurry up and get here already. We’re antsy like Drogon.

What do you think of this latest Game of Thrones trailer? Comment away — but not before you join the fantasy fantasy league!

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