Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, and Seth Meyers to Reunite for IFC’s AMERICAN DOCUMENTARY

Even though they’re all incredibly busy with their own shows and numerous movies like PortlandiaLate Night, and Trainwreck, Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, and Seth Meyers are somehow carving out more time for what might be another great show in American Documentary.

IFC just announced this morning their series order of American Documentary, a mockumentary series following various made-up topics and fictional people, along with announcing the rest of their 2015 programming slate. If you’re thinking this is sort of a This Is Spinal Tap for TV, that’s what the trio is aiming for.

I’m already hoping that there is are segments for Hader’s President of Hollywood, more of Armisen as Ian Rubbish, and perhaps, all of them introduced by Meyers. What sub-sub-genre of music, person who you wish was real, non-existent trade, etc. would you like to see covered on American Documentary?

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