EXCLUSIVE: DC Goes MAD for Alfred E. Neuman’s Birthday with Variant Covers

As if DC’s Vintage Bombshell variant covers featuring the loveliest ladies of the DCU weren’t enough, DC is also celebrating Alfred E. Neuman’s birthday (April 1st, natch) in style with a slew of MAD Magazine-inspired covers from artists Sam Sisco, Paul Coker, Roberto Parada, Peter Bagge and more. What, you worry about your favorite superhero stories devolving into sophomoric pop culture parodies? Well, first of all, lighten up. Secondly, these are just variant covers, so you can put down your Mogo stress balls and just enjoy the nice bit of levity these covers inject into the New 52. Plus, for a sixty year-old ginger with Ross Perot-sized ears, Alfred is lookin’ pretty good. So, happy birthday to you, Alfred, and enjoy this exclusive sneak peek at four of the upcoming covers.

Superman #30 (Paul Coker)

Superman #30 (Paul Coker)

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And don’t forget to print this article out and fold it in on itself to see a secret message!

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