Dystopian Future Watch: Don’t Tase Me With a Drone, Bro

It’s just one more step in the unrelenting march towards our inevitable dystopian future: Chaotic Moon Studios puts the “fun” in “likely fundamental violation of physical integrity” with CUPID: the Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone.

It’s a flying robot with a Taser.

The drone responds to an alarm, then finds its subject and sends you live video so you can authorize remote tasing or simply detainment of the suspect. Select the latter, and your robot friend will sit and intimidate the suspect until the cops come. Otherwise, go ahead and authorize 80,000 volts of whoop-ass and let the good times roll. Chaotic Moon Studios plans to release a pepper spray edition as well.

Watch CUPID tase an intern and be thankful the only real risk you encounter at your internship is an angrily thrown blown latte order:

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