Cosplay Friday #63

It’s about that time, you guys. No, not time to do your taxes. You still have a little bit of time there before you need to start frantically rooting through drawers for lost receipts. It’s time for another edition of Cosplay Friday, your one-stop shop for the latest and greatest cosplay from around the web. This week, we’ve got plenty of reasons to celebrate the seamless seamstresses, hot glue gunslingers, and apoxy aficionados across the land.

Elsa (Frozen) | Source:

Elsa (Frozen) | Source:

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  • Hey guys, I’m a pretty regular Cosplay Friday visitor, and I’ve seen the format go through some recent changes. Sorry to have to point out the negative, but I feel it should be noted that this new format with square thumbnails is running into a little aspect ratio problem.
    In this case, 3 of the 9 pictures (Helga von Vogelweide, Male Morrigan, and Kaworu Nagisa) have all or part of their heads cut off due to bad cropping. So I would recommend that you either take more care in cropping your thumbnails to size, or ditch the “everything is a square” format and use thumbnails that match the original aspect ratio, so we can see the full picture.