Check Out LEGO’s New Line of SIMPSONS Mini-Figures

Back in February, producers of The LEGO Movie revealed that production was underway for a Simpsons episode done completely through LEGO animation. Now, with just a month to go before the premiere of that May 4th episode, LEGO has unveiled its new line of Simpsons-inspired mini-figures to go along with the $200 model of the famous home on 742 Evergreen Terrace released earlier this year.

These are, at the same time, some of the most cool and adorable things that have ever been made by a major toy manufacturer. The Ralph and Maggie ones alone are going to fill hearts with so much joy. The company also NAILED the look of the characters on these, which was a bit of an issue on figures we were seeing in earlier photos. The eyes pop here and the designs really stand out. Well done, Lego.

The figures will run $4 a piece and be made available before the LEGO Simpsons episode airs on Fox May 4th.

Which one’s your favorite?

HT: Kotaku, TV Guide

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