Black Widow’s Front and Center in This WINTER SOLDIER Featurette

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is just around the corner, and even though Steve Rogers is the star of the film, Black Widow is right by his side. Though it’s not the standalone film Natasha Romanova deserves (though Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently spoke about that possibility), it’s a start. Seeing her front and center in the Marvel Cinematic Universe only shows they recognize the popularity and reach of the character. She definitely makes an impression.

A new featurette from Marvel focuses on Natasha and how the character fits into The Winter Soldier‘s story. Scarlett Johansson explains that it’s apparent that since she and Steve have been working together since The Avengers, they’ve developed a camaraderie. I find their friendship fascinating, since their personalities are so different. Steve is by the book and honest, and Natasha… well, she has her own methods. Watch and see:

Black Widow is like a force of nature. She sweeps in, kicks butt, and often steals the scene. Who else is looking forward to seeing her be awesome in The Winter Soldier? Let us know in the comments.

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