Billy Eichner Takes BILLY ON THE STREET to THE TONIGHT SHOW Audience

Billy Eichner has charmed, or screamed and maniacally run, rather, his way into America’s heart with his man-on-the-street/game show hybrid Billy On The Street. That’s why the third season of Billy On The Street will premiere tonight at 11/10c on Fuse. Of course, there will be plenty of sticking a microphone in the faces of random people walking around New York and asking them questions the correct answers for which are Billy’s opinion, but Eichner manages to make the show, somehow, even faster paced than that.

Just watch Billy Eichner and Jimmy Fallon go for “Billy In The Audience,” storming through the live audience at last night’s taping of The Tonight Show. Billy has even less patience than usual for a wrong answer:

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