No More ‘Vice': ARCHER To Return to the Spy Game

With two seasons picked up at FX, the folks who bring you hit animated series Archer have some time and space to really do whatever they want. For now, series creator Adam Reed wants to get back to basics. More specifically, he wants to go from the Archer: Vice tangent, if you will, back to good ol’ fashioned goofy espionage.

As of right now, the ISIS members aren’t so much like In Like Flint or Austin Powers as they’ve transitioned to being drug dealers, Archer-style of course, selling an entire ton of cocaine. The move for next season is being hailed as sort of a deboot rather than a reboot, since the series will be moving chronologically forward, but, in either case, we’ll be just excited to see more, especially as there are those two aforementioned seasons on the way of the shenanigans of the master spy, voiced by H. Jon Benjamin.

HT: Entertainment Weekly

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