In what seems to be one of the most promising book-to-film adaptations in a long while, American Psycho and Wall Street producer Edward R. Pressman has optioned the rights to “Eat What You Kill,” the debut novel of Ted Scofield, according to a report in The Wrap. In addition to Pressman himself, Pressman Film’s Jon Katz, who serves as COO, will team up with Centsless Pictures’ Stephen Cavaliero to bring the book, a thriller based on Wall Street, to the big screen.

Author Scofield told The Wrap, “‘Eat What You Kill’ has been described as ‘American Psycho meets Wall Street,’ and to be working with the acclaimed producer of those seminal films is simply a dream come true.” Executive producer Cavaliero echoed the enthusiasm for the project, saying, “Ted Scofield is a talented author and ‘Eat What You Kill’ is an important book with a not-so-subtle commentary on our contemporary culture. I could not be more excited about working on the project with Mr. Pressman, a true legend.”

This all sounds incredibly exciting and like a perfect example of “right place, right time.” As far as I’m concerned, American Psycho is one of the best cinematic social satires of the last thirty years, and as fans of the Mary Harron film know, it took a lot of behind the scenes pushing and pulling to get her vision onto the big screen. It would appear that when making a film with a strong social message, it certainly helps to have a heavy hitter like Pressman in your corner.

In addition to American Psycho and Wall Street, Pressman Film is also responsible for bringing The Crow, Thank You For SmokingPhantom of the Paradise, and Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans to the big screen.

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