Adrianne Palicki Is Heading To FROM DUSK TILL DAWN: THE SERIES

Following its critically praised premiere earlier this month, Robert Rodriguez’s television adaptation of his cult-classic From Dusk Till Dawn is currently going strong on his newly formed El Rey Network. Now, while things have seemed nuts thus far, as of this coming week, things are about to get real crazy with the introduction of a brand new character never before seen in the film, and she’ll be played by G.I. Joe: Retaliation star Adrianne Palicki.

Palicki will play Vanessa Styles; Little is currently known about the character, but considering this is a supernatural series with vampires, surely there’s something sinister afoot. The episode, titled “Mistress,” will focus on Richie, who “struggles with his visions” while his brother Seth is “forced to stop at a motel, and makes a plan with Carlos to cross the border. At the same time, the Fullers suffer an RV breakdown that exposes deeper divisions in the family. Ranger Gonzalez seeks help from an expert.”

The episode, written by show runner Carlos Coto and directed by Eduardo Sanchez, airs this Tuesday at 9e/p on El Rey.

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