Witness The Making Of THE LAST OF US In The Documentary GROUNDED

There’s a solid chance that if you’ve played The Last Of Us, then you probably enjoyed the hell out of it. However, this documentary by the awesome folks of Area 5 is sure to herald a new level of appreciation for 2014’s Game Of The Year.

Grounded is an amazing inside look at the making of The Last Of Us, covering its every aspect from the environmental art design to the game’s soundtrack. This is the full documentary, so expect to see an hour and a half of your day disappear after being absorbed into this highly interesting exposé. Oh, and be warned, there are minor spoilers from The Last Of Us in this, so if you haven’t played and plan to, you may want to hold off so you don’t ruin the game for yourself.

This was fantastic work by Area 5, who recently secured Kickstarter backing on another documentary, Outerlands, which is said to be an in-depth look at the people and culture of video games.

What did you think of the Grounded? Be sure to leave your feedback in the comments below.

HT: YouTube

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