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#WillFerrellProblems: Too Many LEGOs?

Lego-Business feature image

by on February 5, 2014

Since it was announced last week that a Ghostbusters LEGO set would be coming out in honor of the 30th anniversary, what Will Ferrell movie would he like to see turned into a LEGO set? Nerdist asked Ferrell, who voices the character of “Lord Business” in The LEGO Movie, at the premiere.

“[T]here’s probably a lot,” Ferrell said. “A Zoolander LEGO set would be great. Anchorman, of course. Step Brothers. The list goes on and on but probably the movie the fans really want to see a LEGO set of is Stranger Than Fiction. A heartfelt drama with A-class actors except for me.”


And if he could build anything out of LEGOs and have it come to life? Easy: “Donald Trump’s hair. I’d build it and it’d have this beautiful, flowing swoop, well you know, like his hair and it would come to life and depending on the mood of his hair… it would attack you or curl up next to you and tell you stories in your ear.”

Of course it would. And where would Ferrell get all the LEGOs to build this miraculous item? “I’m my own agent, which is not a good idea, and I somehow signed the wrong – I got paid in LEGOs. I have six massive dump trucks full of LEGOs just – it’s like huge snow banks full of LEGOs just in front of my house. I don’t know what to do with them.”


The LEGO Movie, featuring the voices of Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Alison Brie, Morgan Freeman and Will Arnett, opens this Friday.