We Know When The Trailer For TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Is Coming

With rumors of alien origins, possibly leaked character designs, and what appears to be official poster art, there are few upcoming blockbusters creating as much controversy as the Michael Bay produced live-action adaptation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The only question now remaining is: When are we going to actually get to see some of it? Well, today, we have our answer.

In an announcement made via Facebook by one of the film’s producers, Galen Walker, it was revealed that the first official trailer for the much talked about film will be released on April 4th with, you guessed it, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

It makes sense. Cap 2 is the last major release before the summer season kicks off in May, so any major films still looking to start their marketing campaign for a July or August release are going to start there. With any luck, what we see is what we we’re hoping to get, something cool and worthy of the purchase of a movie ticket.

But until April 4th gets here, we’ll just have to continue speculating on what Bay and director Jonathan Liebesman have created.

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