Watch the Film Independent Spirit Awards Saturday Night on IFC

Don’t forget to tune into IFC Saturday night (3/1) at 10/9c for the 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards hosted by the phenomenal Patton Oswalt. The Film Independent Spirit Awards recognize achievements by independent filmmakers and embrace artist-driven films. Basically they acknowledge some of those movies people may have missed due to a lack of explosions.

The event is a far more relaxed occasion than that other award show happening on Sunday night, and Oswalt’s comments to TV Guide reflected that tone. “I’m doing as little as possible [to prepare],” says Oswalt. “I want to be as relaxed and boozy as everyone I’m performing for. If I’m too focused, I’ll just freak everybody out.”

Oswalt is at the center of a pretty funny hashtag series on Twitter right now promoting the event. He and others are working brand names into the titles of films in clever – and at times intentionally clumsy — ways. Below are some highlights:

Also, if you missed it, check out our coverage of the promotional sketch Oswalt and the 5 Second Films team made together. The sketch is a commercial for a product called the Indie-izer – a device that can turn even the biggest budgeted action adventure films into understated independent thinkers.

HT: TVGuide

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