Watch Fred Armisen As a Musician Before He Leads 8G Band at Late Night with Seth Meyers

When Late Night with Seth Meyers debuts in less than two weeks on Monday Feb. 24th, the all-around-great Fred Armisen will take his place as the band leader of The 8G Band.

Though known as a comedic talent first, Armisen definitely has great musical prowess and will undoubtedly be a highlight of the new Late Night. Of course, he’s done such characters as Ian Rubbish, but Fred has led many bands and played many covers for quite some time. If there were any prerequisites to being a late night talk show house band leader, Armisen seems to have them all checked off multiple times.

Don’t think so? Just check out Fred here lead friends in a cover of TLC’s ’90s classic “Waterfalls.” More examples: a drumoff vs. The Roots’ Questlove (who will be at The Tonight Show next week) curated over at Above Average.

While we’re at it, what’s your favorite Fred Armisen musical performance?

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