VERONICA MARS Movie to Hit Theaters, VOD on the Same Day

Now that we know which theaters will be playing the $6 million, Kickstarted Veronica Mars film, those outside the viewing area have been wondering when they’ll get to see their favorite private detective on screen again.

And now we know that, too: Warner Brothers will simultaneously release the movie in theaters and on Video on Demand on March 14th. The VOD release will include Amazon and iTunes as well as participating cable and satellite providers. This strategy will mark the first time any major studio has attempted a simultaneous day and date release via both theatrical and VOD platforms.

While attempts have been made in the past to close on the gap on theatrical and home video release — we all remember the Universal/Tower Heist snafu, or some of us do anyway — there’s a reason a day and date release model can work here. Like it or not, Veronica Mars is a cult property. A powerful and beloved cult property, but cult property none the less. It is that status, that ability to fly under the radar, much like Veronica herself, that may allow Warner Brothers to pull off this rather bold strategy.

Now all of that’s well and good, but what really matters is come March 14th, all of us are going to get to see the Veronica Mars movie we’ve been waiting for, and we’re going to get to do it at the same time. Who’s cuddling up with an expensive long-range camera lens? I know I am.

Will you be watching on March 14th? Will it be in a theater or on VOD? Let us know in the comments below.

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