The Most Intentionally Funny Video of The Day 2/6/14: Conan’s Punxsutawney Dr. Phil

After years of dedicating himself to primarily to charity work, Bill Gates is going back to a more active role at Microsoft, which was greeted by the suggestion that he’s coming back because he had trouble installing the latest version of Windows. I just know if he united all the Microsoft Word document formats, then he’d be off to a fantastic start. That probably won’t happen, because there’s too much money to be made with changing .doc to .docx and so on, but something that won’t force you to get a new word processor program is The Most Intentionally Funny Video of The Day.

Today’s MIFV is LA’s/Conan O’Brien‘s version of the famous Punxsutawney Phil that comes out on Groundhog Day, Punxsutawney Dr. Phil, who doesn’t care so much about winter as much as your anger.

Here’s the previous MIFV pick, in case you missed it.

Per usual, I’m taking submissions for the MIFV like so many featured in the past. I love finding new, hilarious videos from people hundreds and thousands of miles away, so please do send your videos so long as they follow the rules below.
-E-mail embeddable video link to with subject line “MIFV Submission”
-Videos must have been posted online (i.e. have a time stamp that says so) within exactly two weeks from when you submit (i.e. videos uploaded more than 14 days from the day when you submit will not be up for consideration)
-Don’t add any cover letters or explanations; please just send the link

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