Ryu’s Hurricane Kick Exposed In This Short Starring Pete Holmes and Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Man, it must be pretty tough being Street Fighter poster boy and fighting game legend, Ryu. I mean, not only does this guy never get a break, having starred in every Street Fighter and Capcom Vs. game to date, but then he has to deal with our own Pete Holmes giving him the third degree on what he shouts during his Hurricane Kick attack.

This hilarious short from TBS’ The Pete Holmes Show, featuring Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Ryu, puts us in the office on that faithful day when Holmes attempted to uncover the mystery behind the famed Arcade Stick QCB + Arcade Button Kick war cry:

Welp, it looks like were due for a couple of dialogue changes in the next Street Fighter game folks. Seriously, though, how many times have you seen/heard this move and wondered Ryu_Tatsumkiwhat in the hell Ryu (or Ken) was shouting? Holmes pretty much nailed every possibility we’ve ever considered, and his backwards comments about Ryu’s sexuality were definitely worth a chin-stroke or two. I deem this short seven golden letters of “perfect.”

Oh, and just for clarification, Ryu’s Hurricane Kick attack is actually called the “Tatsumaki Senpukyaku,” which is Japanese for “Tornado Whirlwind Leg.” Yeah, good to know, but still not as cool as “feel the wrath of my little piggies making contact with your punum.”

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