Red Loses It In This TwitchPlaysPokemon Live-Action Short

All Red ever wanted in life was to be the very best, like no one ever was. But the many influences that lie within the lands of TwitchPlaysPokemon have converged upon our poor friend, thus drastically hindering his progress and causing him to trot aimlessly, in circles, to no avail. This hilarious live-action short from the guys at Short-Lived Heroes captures the essence of the struggles that our poor friend Red has experienced over the last two weeks:

I’d say that this is a pretty accurate depiction of TwitchPlaysPokemon from ground view. Meanwhile over on the channel, Omanyte has become the living god known as Lord Helix, Flareon has been deemed a false prophet, and the war between anarchy and democracy rages on. Ah, yes, stories that people will tell for years to come.

HT: Short-Lived Heroes YouTube

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