Radio Shack’s Super Bowl Ad Loaded With ’80s Nostalgia

File this one as a contender for best Super Bowl commercial of the year: Radio Shack took the self-deprecating route to rebrand itself during the biggest game of the year. Worked for me. Oh, did it ever work. The store most notably known for carrying your most out-of-date technological needs (and batteries) realized that it could not survive on your father’s coaxial cable purchases alone, and has sent the antiquated business model back to where it belongs. And what better band of brethren to reclaim what is rightfully theirs than… the whole of the 1980s?

Not only are Dee Snider and Teen Wolf on the case, but so are countless others, including Alf, Cliff Clavin, Chucky, Hulk Hogan, Q*BERT (which… Q*BERT!!!), Dee Snider, and more. It’s a Where’s Waldo of eighties ephemera — after all, we ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

Which commercial was your favorite this Super Bowl? Tell us your picks in the comments.

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