Production Designer Rick Carter Talks JURASSIC WORLD, EPISODE VII

Yesterday Nerdist reported that the J.J. Abrams-directed Star Wars: Episode VII would begin shooting this May. This weekend, Nerdist caught up with Production Designer, ADG Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree, and frequent Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis collaborator Rick Carter at the 18th annual Art Directors Guild Awards in Los Angeles. Carter revealed that his next film would in fact be Episode VII. While Carter was tight lipped about his upcoming work in a galaxy far, far away, he did give us an update on another highly-anticipated franchise, Jurassic World.

According to Carter, he won’t be art directing Jurassic World but was involved on the first two and was invited back to get the ball rolling on the fourth installment of the franchise. Carter explains, “Since I was there for the first two Jurassic Parks, I was invited in by Steven [Spielberg] and Frank Marshall to come and try and set up something that would actually refer back to those first movies yet take us into the present tense. There’s a young director [Colin Trevorrow] who has come in who is fantastic, so I just – we went back and mined some of those things that we’ve done before but then how to bring them into a world now.”

For a designer, how is it bouncing around from Lincoln to Star Wars to Jurassic World? “Well, you know, I started with Back to the Future II, so that’s jumping all around right away, right? I started off going backwards, so I just jump back and forth through all these movies. It’s like time travel!”

Star Wars is slated to begin production in May and Jurassic World is set to hit theaters June 12, 2015.

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  • I can’t wait. I’m still bummed about the passing of Michael Crichton, but I’m sure the film will be great. (I absolutely loved the books. I know, even if there were books for 3 (which he was alive for and still never wrote a book) and 4, there would still be as big a gap between them and the movies as there were between the first 2 books and their respective movies, but still, he was a great writer.)