Production Designer Dan Hennah Talks THE HOBBIT Trilogy, ALICE IN WONDERLAND 2

Academy Award winning production designer Dan Hennah was a nominee at last weekend’s 18th annual Art Directors Guild Awards in Los Angeles for his work on The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Nerdist got a chance to talk with him about the final film in The Hobbit trilogy, his next project, and his “favorite little wizard” Peter Jackson.

Since Hennah was with director Peter Jackson on the original Lord of the Rings trilogy, what was it like for him to return to that world to bring The Hobbit to life? Said Hennah, “The Hobbit is much different, it’s a much more whimsical story, so it was fantastic to go and work in a new world. We did have a little bit of Lord of the Rings stuff, but then we went off in a different direction, in a different part of their world, and with a whole lot of different characters, so it was pretty good.”

Next up for Hennah, Alice In Wonderland 2, or as he referred to it, “Alice Through the Looking Glass.” We asked Hennah what fans of the 2010 Alice In Wonderland film, directed by Tim Burton, could look forward to from the follow up. Despite being “highly confidential, of course,” Hennah did tell us, “[T]here are different things. New things, new places. Of course, the Red Queen has been deposed, so she’s in a whole different space and time. So yeah, there’s a whole lot of good stuff coming out.”

The third, and final, Hobbit film The Hobbit: There and Back Again hits theaters December 17, 2014, and Alice In Wonderland 2, starring Johnny Depp and directed by James Bobin, makes its debut on May 27, 2016.

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