Prepare To Rage, TRIALS FUSION Arrives April 16

Prepare to drill your controller into the ground faster than Batman tossing a smoke bomb: Trials Fusion is bringing the rage to the Xbox One, 360, PC, and PS4 on April 16th. This marks the first time the series will ever see the light of day on a PlayStation console, which means Dual Shock 4 controller sales may see a spike, given how players will be “spiking” them into the ground like celebrating football players. Here’s a look at the trailer:

Redlynx seems to have a sufficient understanding of how to balance fun and frustration, as the previous installment, Trials Evolution, was one of the most enjoyable-yet-f-bomb inducing titles of the last generation. Trials Fusion will release digitally for $20 and physically in stores for $40, with the physical version coming bundled with a season pass for the game’s six planned DLC packs. Considering that Ubisoft could have tacked on an extra fee for anger management therapy, I’d say that is more than a pretty sweet deal.

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