Pawnee’s Finest Come Together in PARKS AND RECREATION’s THE HAPLEY GROUP

Roundtable discussions always get to the heart of what matters most. Nowhere is that more evident than in the new NBC video, The Hapley Group. Consisting of Pawnee’s foremost political pundits — and hosted by The Word with Perd‘s Perd Hapley, natch — the Parks and Recreation webisode has just enough of what you need to get you through the next week without the show (we’re almost there guys! The Olympic blackout is nearly lifted).

Featuring the most sound and rational minds in all of Indiana, The Hapley Group is moderated by Hapley (Jay Jackson) and features logical commentary from Joan Callamezzo (Mo Collins), list-obsessed Eagleton conservative Mike Patterson (the hilarious Seth Morris), and — of course — Crazy Ira and The Douche (Matt Besser and Nick Kroll, respectively). Far and away, though, the scene-stealer of the whole thing is the commercial for the Pawnee Farmers’ Market, featuring Chardbodies. Forget what ya heard, ‘cuz Perd’s got the final word on everything you need to know about the Russian Olympics, a smoking ban in Pawnee, Perd’s birdcage brain, and even Obamacare.

Are you looking forward to Parks and Recreation‘s return next week? Sound off in the comments.

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