Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Premiering April 27th on HBO

After announcing he was leaving The Daily Show, for his own pop culture/politics/news satire show at HBO, nearly all of us were wondering exactly how long John Oliver was going to be off our televisions/laptops/mobile devices. Finally, as of today, John Oliver’s show has a Daily Show-esque name, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and is going to premiere Sunday, April 27th on HBO.

It was only last summer that Oliver filled in for Jon Stewart at The Daily Show desk while Stewart was directing his film Rosewater, and not even a year later he now has his very own show on which he’ll have more room to play and do whatever he wants (i.e. less network censorship).

This means that Oliver won’t get bleeped when he drops the F-bomb, and, for the lack of a better description, I think that’s going to be fucking fantastic.

HT: Variety

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