Nerdy pastimes like LARPing are usually depicted as aberrant activities that seem so ridiculous, they’re quite easy to poke fun at. But then come movies like Knights of Badassdom, that shine genuine light on and pay special tribute to these beloved hobbies. You already know that we have special spot for LARPing in our hearts thanks to Realm of LARP, but consider this a friendly reminder that the movie just went up on VOD this week, so everyone who’s been waiting to check it out can now get to it.

SummerkoBFor those who may not have known, Knight of Badassdom is a horror comedy about a group of LARPers that get their hands on an IRL spellbook, only to mistakenly summon an evil demonic force to earth. Director Joe Lynch is clearly knowledgable about LARP culture and pays homage to the pastime by making it the movie’s delightful setting as opposed to the film’s punchline, though anothr director did come in and work on the film. Ultimately, Knights of Badassdom does a nice job blending witty comedy and horror together, making it a medieval thrill ride from start to finish.

KoBPeteStellar performances from Peter Dinklage, Summer Glau, Danny Pudi, and the rest of the cast which includes Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) and Steve Zahn make this a film well worth your time. I’d definitely recommend anyone who’s intrigued by nerd culture (which I assume you are since you’re reading this article on this site) to check this movie out on VOD. And if you’re a fan of LARPing, prepare to be touched directly in your soul.

Oh, and if anyone needs to refresh your memory on Knights of Badassdom, have a look at this delightful trailer

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