Kevin Smith Pushes Back CLERKS III and Moves Up COMES THE KRAMPUS

With his latest film, Tusk, on the fast track for release later this year, director Kevin Smith is already hard at work on his upcoming projects. Recently, Smith announced that a script he’d co-written with Andy McElfresh (based on a recent podcast episode), a holiday horror anthology titled Comes The Krampus, was going to shoot shortly after the completion of the long-anticipated Clerks 3, which was going to begin production this April. But following a recent AMA Smith conducted on reddit, those plans have apparently changed.

Comes The Krampus will now be shooting in Clerks III’s April slot, and the latest sequel will be pushed back to an unspecified production date.

In the AMA, Smith said, “Tusk represents something bold and new. No matter how bold I make it, Clerks III will always have a number in the title. It will never be new. It will rock, I assure you, and it will be a worthy final installment in my mini-mart magnum opus. But it’s predicated on something I did a long time ago. I wanna keep moving forward. SModcast Pictures is becoming exactly that: we’re starting to make movies based on podcasts. Tusk was the first, and now Comes the Krampus will be next.” Smith went on to say the film will feature a 20-day production and a budget under $3 million.

In theory, the quick pace of this new horror anthology could put the film right in line for a premiere at this year’s TIFF, or next year’s Sundance. Either way, the film should land distribution fairly quickly, as it’ll be coming on the heels of A24’s release of Tusk.

Between the V/H/S series, The ABCs of Death, Chillerama and the recently announced sequel to Trick ‘r Treat, horror anthologies are making a comeback in a big way, and having a name like Kevin Smith throw his hat into the ring will make the genre’s return that much more intriguing, as well as possibly bring the genre back into the mainstream. Many of the specifics surrounding Comes The Krampus remain unknown, but Smith has said the film is “gonna be a SModCo CREEPSHOW, set at Christmas,” and there ain’t nothing wrong with that in our book.

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