Hold Your Quarters, The Full-Length Version of COMMUNITY’S ‘Ass Crack Bandit’ Song Is Online

Community introduced a new threat to Greendale Community College this season: the sneaky and fearsome Ass Crack Bandit. The villain was introduced over a month ago in the episode “Basic Intergluteal Numismatics,” and he or she likes to slip coins down unsuspecting butt cracks. Like all important characters, the bandit has a catchy theme song. Ben Folds wrote the tune and performed it for the episode, and now you can listen to the entire version of the moody piece online.

Dan Harmon tweeted the link to Quarter2Ass’ YouTube video featuring the full song in all its hilarious glory and proclaimed he and Ben Folds were “furious” about it being leaked. Between you and me, I don’t think he’s actually that mad. Just a hunch.

For a piece about quarters and butts, “Ass Crack Bandit” is surprisingly infectious. “Out of the shadows, down the coin goes” is my new jam. Why? Only the bandit knows.

Let us know your thoughts about the song in the comments.

HT: Geekosystem

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