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Greta Gerwig To Star/Produce/Write CBS HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Spin-Off Pilot


by on February 12, 2014

If a series goes 9 very successful seasons on network television, the discussion of a spin-off is inevitable. How I Met Your Mother has surpassed that mark and that conversation has indeed been had, probably many times over, as CBS has just ordered a pilot for, you guessed it (maybe?), How I Met Your Dad.

Now, the intriguing part is that they’ve enlisted critically acclaimed indie film star Greta Gerwig to star, produce, and be involved in the writing of the series should it get a greenlight from CBS.  Having co-written one of the few actual comedies that got award nominations last year, Frances Ha, with Noah Baumbach, it’s a throughly intriguing choice for CBS, a network where The Big Bang Theory and Two and Half Men reside.

We’ll see how much Gerwig will get to impart her own personal stamp on How I Met Your Dad, and if CBS wants to expand their brand of comedy to include a slightly more sophisticated audience. I can’t imagine it will be in black and white, but I’d be surprised if there was no interpretative dancing by Gerwig in it all.

Gain a little insight on what might be in store by reading this Nerdist interview with Gerwig.

HT: The Hollywood Reporter