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Elizabeth Banks Talks LEGO and Directing PITCH PERFECT 2 at THE LEGO MOVIE Premiere

Elizabeth Banks is keeping herself busy. Not only is she starring in The Hunger Games series, she is also the voice of Wyldstyle, a character in The LEGO Movie whom she describes as “a great kick-butt heroine” and “a really great role model for kids and especially young girls.” In addition, as Nerdist reported last week, Banks will be directing the follow up to the musical hit Pitch Perfect, in which she had a supporting role on-screen and also served as a producer.

At the premiere of The LEGO Movie, Banks told Nerdist that sitting in the director’s chair on her first feature will be “a big responsibility [because] the first film was so great.” She added, “I was there nearly every step of the way the first time around, and now it’s taking on a lot more responsibility you know but I’m so looking forward to capturing a little bit of that magic again.”

Pitch Perfect 2 isn’t scheduled to be released until 2015, and in the meantime, Banks has Walk of Shame coming this spring and The LEGO Movie opening this Friday.


Speaking about her most recent project, Banks was asked if she could build anything out of LEGOs and have it come to life, what would it be, to which she replied, “A life sized Morgan Freeman, so he could just hang out in my house. I would want him to walk around and narrate my life.”

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