Concept Art for the STAR TREK Section of Paramount’s New Theme Park

If visiting Spain wasn’t already on your to-do list, there’s a wonderful reason to add it: Paramount is planning to build a theme park at Alhama de Murcia before the end of 2015. According to, the project encompasses not only an amusement park with different sections but also condos, a casino, hotels, and more. Hey, if Disney can pull it off, so can any company with deep enough wallets. So far, the most appealing part of the theme park is that it will include plenty of Star Trek touches.

A square, titled Plaza Futura, will be made for Trek fans and will feature: “a Starfleet Spain recruiting center, a 3D simulator ride (which allows guests/recruits to experience adventures in outer space), and a Warp Speed Coaster that will reach exciting heights and speeds and include an underground portion (a wormhole, naturally) and several loops.”

Concept art showcases sleek and futuristic designs that tie in with what we’ve seen of future Earth in the various series and films. One hopes Paramount will look at the examples of detailed theming at places like Wizarding World at Universal Studios and Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure and go crazy with making the Star Trek section feel like you’ve walked onto a set.

The possibilities are exciting. We only saw a taste of what could be created with the now closed Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas. I’d love to see a Star Tours type attraction that incorporates every iteration of the series and takes viewers on a journey across the galaxy. Having a transporter pad for photo ops is a must, and I’d like to see replicas of sets with rotating prop and costume displays. Really though, I’d have everything I need if they just built another Quark’s Bar.

What attractions would you want to see in a Star Trek park? Let us know in the comments.

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