Check Out These Epic LEAGUE OF LEGENDS Shorts From Machinima’s #LOLWEEK

If the terms “jungle,” “ARAM,” and “gank” sound like common lingo to you, then Machinima is the place to be for #LOLWEEK.  All week, Machinima will be posting a batch of awesome CGI and live-action shorts highlighting battles between some of the most badass League of Legends champions. It’s all in preparation for the premiere of Chasing the Cup, a special series focused on the rise of professional League of Legends teams Cloud 9 and Team SoloMid.

LoLThe first and second battles, which can be seen down below, feature face-offs Jax and Veigar, as well as Fiddlesticks and Ahri, respectively. Even fan favorite Ashe will go into battle against Mecha Kha’zix, this Thursday. A new video will debut everyday at 9 am PT/Noon ET. Here’s a look at those first two showdowns:

Jax vs. Veigar

Fiddlesticks vs. Ahri

Hop on over to Machinima Realm to check out the #LOLWEEK Festivities and tune into the Machinima Twitch page for Chasing the Cup this Friday.

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