Check Out The Latest Rocket Jump Masterpiece: PING PONG MASTERS

With a dedicated fan base that spreads across the globe, and the IndieGoGo campaign for the final season of their hit web series VGHS well underway, Rocket Jump has quickly (but very quietly) grown into a powerhouse studio in the realm of web content. Freddie Wong and his team continue to push the boundaries of what artists can do in the world of web videos, and one of their latest efforts, Ping Pong Masters, is no different. Ping-pong!:

FYI: that’s the Nerdist Industries office ping-pong table provided by STIGA.

This short is Rocket Jump to a tee. It’s got some wicked cool special effects, but at the end of the day, it’s just a highly intense game of ping-pong. Taking a simple idea and putting a wacky twist on it is one of the studio’s specialties, and they have certainly succeeded again here.

Also, can we talk about how amazing it is the entire video was scored on a phone? If that’s the level we’re at in terms of artistic freedom, there is no reason anyone should ever complain about a lack of resources to pull off a passion project ever again.

And don’t forget to watch Freddie talk VGHS and more on Nerdist News:

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