Check Out The All New Trailer For 22 JUMP STREET

There’s no reason the 21 Jump Street reboot should’ve worked. But making unlikely successes from unlikely sources seems to have become a specialty of Hollywood’s hottest filmmaking duo, Phil Lord and Chris Miller. 21 Jump Street, The Lego Movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs… when it comes to concepts that seems like cash-ins or childhood silliness, these two somehow find a way to elevate the material into something unique and awe-inspiring. It is for that reason we all should sit back and take true joy in the latest trailer for the team’s next flick, 22 Jump Street:

College, guns, frat parties, laundry hampers, you guys, I think this. movie. is. going. to. kick. ass. Tatum and Hill are in top form in this trailer, and that improvising bit at the end… the anticipation for this film is insane. Especially with that little “right in the crack” line.

In a world filled with reboots, sequels and adaptations, it really is nice to know there are at least some filmmakers that understand there is a way to make the material you’ve been saddled with work, even if the whole world is out for your head.

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