Artist Paul Hanley Shows Us ‘The Infinite Doctor’

We thought there were only 12 Doctors, but with the last few episodes of Doctor Who, we learned that there was a War and a Handy and that they counted as regenerations. How many more of them are there out in the ether? Luckily for us, the brilliant artist Paul Hanley has decided to include everybody in a piece he’s titled “The Infinite Doctor.” That’s right; all of the different faces (or voices) the Doctor has had since 1963. “Canonicity” be damned! It’s like a fun Where’s Waldo? page, but everybody is Waldo. Hanley’s included close-but-no-cigar Doctors like Richard E. Grant’s from Scream of the Shalka and the Dalek movie’s Peter Cushing, some audio Doctors like David Warner and Nicholas Briggs, and even some ones we’re still scratching our heads about like Michael Jayston’s Valeyard, Toby Jones’ Dream Lord, and Tom Baker’s Curator. He’s even included, quite prominently even, some of the Doctors from The Curse of Fatal Death, the Comic Relief sketch written by Steven Moffat in the ’90s.


I won’t list them all, but name the ones I missed below if you’d like! Some Morbius Doctors and stage play Doctors are in their too, just to be tricky. And why not show Paul Hanley some love, seeing as he’s the genius who took the time to do this great work in the first place?

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