For a film based on a children’s series, the images from the Michael Bay-produced take on the pizza-loving turtles are different from their cartoonish ’80s counterparts. The leaked pictures of the reptiles from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are not the first mock-up of the crime-fighters we’ve seen — the maquettes leaked just the other day — but are far and away the most revealing. In this iteration of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael, reptilian features have gone the way of the dinosaurs and in its place are more humanized eyes, noses, and lips. We always knew pizza consumption could change the world, but this, we were not anticipating.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Acessorized with character-bolstering details, Nerdy Donatello has received the full on geek-cliche treatment, complete with taped-up glasses. Raphael the “bad boy” has an anti-hero glare akin to Walter White (with a little Horatio Caine thrown in for good measure), while Leonardo, “the responsible one,” is planted firmly at the bottom to hold everyone up with his hero’s gaze. And, of course, there’s the puka shell necklace adorning the neck of chillaxed broturtle Michelangelo. So really, there’s something for everyone here.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hits theaters on August 8, 2014. What do you think of the turtles’ new look?

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  • What bugs me about the reactions so far are how people keep talking about the 80’s cartoon and how this “take on the pizza-loving turtles are different from their cartoonish ’80s counterparts” …ya think? Imagine how horrible a film version literally adapted from the 80’s cartoon would be, considering the turtles originally started out as a dark indie comic, a darker version of them would be more faithful than a silly slapstick comedy for kids would be.

  • I think the new look, while being interesting, won’t matter at all. This is a Michael Bay produced film. Odds are it will be a steaming pile of shit. No that’s not fair to the steaming pile of shit I stepped in this morning. This movie will be as bad a movie, as Woody Allen is a person.

  • For the record, not based on a children’s series. The original comic was violent as all get out. It was dumbed down for the cartoon to make it more friendly.

  • I think they look great. All of the people who are whining about how different they look from the Ninja Turtles of their shitty childhoods are a bunch of morons. My opinion is law.

  • I love the new designs and I love the goggles on Donatello I really do but wouldn’t he be smart enough to make contacts? I don’t think those glasses are a good look for him >_<

  • I was a TMNT fan from the early 90’s, starting with the cartoons. I thought the old live action films were the best thing since sliced bread when I was a kid, and I think this new one is going to be crazy fun.

    Bay is producing, so lets already just assume it’s not going to stick close to source material of any kind. Once we can let go of that, we can enjoy the movie for what it will be: flashy, action packed, and fun.

  • I’ve always wanted to see a gritty, Sin City-style TMNT film that was true to the original comic book… unfortunately it looks like this will not be that film. Also, the humanized faces make me uncomfortable in a “Mac and Me” kind of way. And why does Leo need shoulder pads? Also, I think Vanilla Ice should make a cameo.

  • Wow, they’re taking all the “cute” out of the designs. Kinda reminds me of the gritty Michael Zulli illustrated run back in the original comic book…except he took off their masks. Which reminds me that I still wonder after all these years–WHY DO THESE TURTLES WEAR EYE MASKS?! What secret identity are they protecting?! Who’s going to recognize them?

    (Gotta get that question out of my system every few years.)

  • I dont mind the faces but the accessories are ridiculous… seems like he isnt focused or trusting that the characters are strong enough to show that they are chill, nerdy , a leader and rebellious. I mean we all got that in the cartoon and other movies without needing taped up glasses….. seems like another Bay film great action and explosion with no character development And no trust that the characters can be just as attention grabbing as the cgi.

  • I’m a fan of the original comics when the turtles were gritty. I like this new look. It reminds me of the old comice. All these people complaining probably only know the watered down cartoon versions. You guys need to shut the hell up and wait for the final product to make a debut before you judge. The whole point is to bring back the original feel with a new twist. And those people bringing up transformers need to chill, its not even the same creative minds running this , save for Michael Bay. These guys have been consulting with Peter Laird.

  • @poetik_justiss first of all your childhood is shitty kid. Secondly if you knew the source material you’d know that shithead Michael bay isn’t sticking to the source or bringing jacks hit back to its roots. The cartoon was cheesy I’ll admit and changed things but they were Tee age and Mutant and if that douche wanted to make it dark and gritty that’s awesome but leave the comics alone. Go watch some if your shit they call entertainment these days.

  • I agree the trailer looks like complete shit. I like the old look from the comics. Even liked the cartoon and video games they came out with.

    The humanized faces make me wanna puke. I knew Bay would find a way to fuck this up. I can’t go see the movie because the damn noses and other alterations they made will take my focus off of the movie. I refuse to watch this big steaming pile of dog shit.

    Looks like we’ll be waiting awhile before we see a worthy turtles flick.