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You Get A Jake Bugg Ticket! And You Get A Jake Bugg Ticket! And… You Get The Idea

If you didn’t listen to me a year ago, I’m going to repeat myself: Jake Bugg is the man. Folk Rock in general seems to be making a well-deserved comeback. Every time I turn on the TV some commercial is ripping off Simon and Garfunkel, or a little movie called Inside Llewyn Davis is blogged about, or, cough, THE LUMINEERS existence. Anything is better than Miley, right?

To top it all off, Bugg is back! He’s released a new album titled Shangri Laand while sophomore albums tend to be sub-par in general, his is a refreshing extension of his previous work with higher production quality. He’s grown up, and only 19!

If you’d like to win concert ticket’s to his upcoming show in LA @ The Wiltern, all you need to do is post in the comments section below what your favorite Folk Rock Act is and why! We’ll be choosing the winners and releasing two pairs of tickets to his show THIS FRIDAY 1/24! Besure to enter by midnight PST tonight!


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  • That´s Jake Bugg! I´ve seen and heard him in February 2013 on German TV – my mouth wide open. Since then I´ve seen 3 of his gigs in Germany (Frankfurt, Köln, Köln again) and then the fourth time in Luxembourg (I´ve seen it all). I also think: He is the man!
    From the older generation my favourites are Neil Young and Towns Van Zandt.

  • I’ll honestly have Jake Bugg edging out Ed Sharpe as best folk rock. He is a great song writer and is able to vary his sound, from Johnny cash style ‘lighting bolt’, to epic slow balla ‘Broken’, to the harder rocking ‘what doesn’t kill you’. But above all, he trash talks to annoying boyband One Direction!

  • Jake Bugg for sure! I fell in love with him when I was looking up bands to see at Coachella last year and he was one of my favorites! I love his guitar playing and his voice. How simple his music is shows that musicians don’t have to have super fancy music to be amazing.

  • Definitely Mumford & Sons. I saw them in Telluride at the Bluegrass festival in 2011, and it was one of the best performances I have ever seen. It was raining, and fog floated among the close hills as they stomped, laughed, and sang. It was the perfect atmosphere (besides the freezing temperatures) for their music. They just made the whole crowd feel great! Their music makes people feel good, which I think is the most important thing music can do.

  • Jake bugg is the top of my list never heard nothink like him he is outstanding in every way shape and form. I lost me dad and my sister in 2012 and all i wanted to listen to was jake bugg and that got me thru wat i was going thru it mad me feel happy cuz i love his music so much god bless jake bugg x

  • I have to say, I really like the Byrds. They have such a great sound that can be to thank for influencing other great bands in the 60’s. But what i like more is the meanings and emotion they put into their music. They wrote about what was important to them and society at the time, they had messages they wanted to tell their audiences, and that is what i feel folk rock is really all about . I’m so glad this style of music is really making a comeback! It’s so refreshing to see a young artist like Bugg go back to the roots of rock and folk but at the same time introduce it as something new and exciting. I would love to get the chance to see such a talent live!

  • I’d have to say my favourite folk rock bands/singers right now would be: The Lumineers, Jake Bugg, Little Green Cars, Mumford and Sons and The Civil Wars. All great bands that everyone should check out!

  • Its literally Jake. I’ve been obsessed for one and a half years simply because I hear something wise in his music. His lyrics are genius and his melodies brilliant, he means the world to me and I ca really relate to him on a personal level.

  • Favourite folk rock artist/ band is JAKE BUGG OFCOURSE and has been since early 2012 when he was very new to the music industry. I have seen him live and I’m albsoluty in love with him. He is such a born performer. I thought his first album was top notch and one of my favourite albums then he realses shangri la which is out of this world. I have a signed pic of him framed which is my favourite thing ever. I’m a totall fan girl when it comes to jakey

  • Jake Bugg is my favorite Folk Rock act because he is so amazing. His lyrics are genius and his songs get me through everything. Whenever I turn his music on shuffle, the song that comes on first is always the song that I need to hear. Jake Bugg can get a teenage girl through anything! :)

  • uh Jake Bugg duh. who else fucking sounds like him right now!? no one! and so young! been a major fan since I heard about him at sxsw last year.

    (also its my birthday on the 26th soooo how sweet would it be if I got to see a concert this weekend)

    but if I had to choose someone else it would be Bob Dylan, because I first discovered him my sophomore year in high school when I was finally starting to listen to music that I wanted to hear and ‘like a rolling stone’ just totally connected with me and my teen angst. FUCK YEAH FOLK ROCK!

  • Neil Young. I fell in love with jake bugg’s debut album. Have been trying to see him for ages. I’d be eternally grateful for some tickets. Honestly. Please.

  • Jake Bugg! I was not that interested in 2000’s folk rock before I heard songs from Jake Bugg. I love the way he interprets 70’s folk/country style and transforms to his unique sounds. I’d love to check out his live concert tmrw!

  • Mumford and Sons. Probably their Red Rocks show just because it was so good I wish I could rewind time to when the tickets for the show was for sale. Yeah. I just really wish I could have been there.

  • uh Jake Bugg duh. who else f***ing sounds like him right now!? no one! and so young! been a major fan since I heard about him at sxsw last year. (also its my birthday on the 26th soooo how sweet would it be if I got to see a concert this weekend) but if I had to choose someone else it would be Bob Dylan, because I first discovered him my sophomore year in high school when I was finally starting to listen to music that I wanted to hear and ‘like a rolling stone’ just totally connected with me and my teen angst. F*** YEAH FOLK ROCK!

  • Bob Dylan is probably one of the greatest folk artists of all time! Forever Young is a classic! And I hope my wishes come true so I can stay forever young with Jake!
    “May your wishes all come true
    May you always do for others
    And let others do for you
    May you stay forever young.”

    But as Fleet Foxes (one of the best folk artists of this time) would say…
    “How could I dream of such a selfless and true love
    Could I wash my hands of just looking out for me?”

    I Hope I get to see Jake tomorrow! But if not have fun to those who see Mr. Bugg! Best of luck to all!

    If I lose, no worries, I’ll just hold two fingers up to yesterday, light a cigarette and smoke it all away. ;)

  • Jake Bugg! Since summer of 2013 he’s all I listen too! His music is amazing with his diffrent styles, you could be head banging to ‘What Doesn’t Kill Ya’ or swaying back in forth trying to hold in the tears while listening to ‘Broken’. Because he’s not coming to Phoenix, Az I would LOVE to see him perform!

  • My favourite folk band are Of Monsters and Men! To rise so suddenly from being winners of a competition in Iceland to having their songs rocking their way into the homes and playlists of sound music listeners in the UK is pretty awesome. Their sound is so melancholy and real, rich with a variety of instruments and hard-core vocals, how couldn’t you help but fall in love with them? :3

  • I really enjoy The Head and the Heart. Their tunes are pretty simple, which makes them an extremely accessible live act. While their shows don’t sport much musicality, it turns out to be a night filled with sing-alongs, cry-alongs, and everything in between.

  • Edward Sharpe and Jake Bugg are the big ones right now, they are ao fresh and you fall in love with their music, it’s like getting in the pool in a really hot day. They restore my faith in new musicians. I came fom Colombia and I really really like to see Jake Bugg, since I don’t live here i don’t when i’ll have the chance to see him again. :)

  • Matt Corby! He has a soaring unmatched voice that takes me back to Jeff Buckley, and even though his music is progressing to a more blues-y vibe, his rock’n’roll folk side is dooope.

  • Bob Dylan is one of the greatest folk artists of all time! May all my wishes come true and may I stay Forever Young with Jake! :D Fleet Foxes is also one of the best folk acts of our time, but as they say How could I dream of such a selfless and true love of going to this show! Jake Bugg is definitely a breath of fresh air to music and seeing him live would just be amazing! I hope I win, but if not, I’ll just “hold two fingers up to yesterday, light a cigarette and wish the world away” ;)

  • JAKE BUGG obviously <33 , neil young, mumford and sons, of monster and men, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash… I love them all because there music is so real and original!! I would do anything to see Jake Bugg!! I've tried to see him in concert 5 times!!! seriously his number one fan!!

  • Jimi Hendrix – He grew up in The Deep South in 1942; a time and place where racial prejudices and inequality greatly restricted firstly his is working career and soon his music career – as was the case for so many black men and women in the 40’s and 50’s. After serving in the army, he played all over The States where he could, with the guitar his dad sent to him, receiving next to no money, and not knowing where he would sleep at night.

    However he battled on, constantly adapting and improving his guitar playing and singing around what he saw, and felt. He went on of course in the mid-1960s, to become one of the most acclaimed guitarists/singer-songwriters in history – backing of a movement which promoted equality, love, and peace. As a result, the lyrics and melodies produced were like no other. Whether you were black or white, gay or straight, Muslim or Christian, you could relate to his music – to the pain but also the happiness which Jimi felt also. There were no complications with his music. It was and still is honest, simple, and had soul. Soul was the ingredient which made Jimi the best Folk Rock act of all time.

  • Jake Bugg is my personal favorite folk rock artist and overall favorite human on the planet. He is doing something that no one else in the world can do with music. He evokes passion beyond belief when creating music and he doesnt give two shits about what anyone says… we could all learn something from that man.

  • Bob Dylan. One of the first shows in my life. My brother Rick took me when I was a kid, and it was a magical experience. Since Rick’s passing, every time I hear Dylan I get taken back to that place and time.

  • Tough question. I would say both Mumford and Sons and Jake Bugg. The former because their lyrics are deep, melancholic and often somehow intellectual (think of The Cave, referring to Plato’s famous cave myth). The latter because he is surprisingly simple yet troubled, or at least that’s how I feel about his music. Also, I can’t believe he is my same age! He’s so talented.

    I know I’m supposed to name rock folk artists, but I think it’s worth mentioning an indie folk band from Norway called Kings Of Convenience. They have the wisest and most poetic lyrics I’ve ever heard. And their music makes you feel free and relaxed. They are awesome!