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You Get A Jake Bugg Ticket! And You Get A Jake Bugg Ticket! And… You Get The Idea

If you didn’t listen to me a year ago, I’m going to repeat myself: Jake Bugg is the man. Folk Rock in general seems to be making a well-deserved comeback. Every time I turn on the TV some commercial is ripping off Simon and Garfunkel, or a little movie called Inside Llewyn Davis is blogged about, or, cough, THE LUMINEERS existence. Anything is better than Miley, right?

To top it all off, Bugg is back! He’s released a new album titled Shangri Laand while sophomore albums tend to be sub-par in general, his is a refreshing extension of his previous work with higher production quality. He’s grown up, and only 19!

If you’d like to win concert ticket’s to his upcoming show in LA @ The Wiltern, all you need to do is post in the comments section below what your favorite Folk Rock Act is and why! We’ll be choosing the winners and releasing two pairs of tickets to his show THIS FRIDAY 1/24! Besure to enter by midnight PST tonight!


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  • With my admiration for Mr. Bugg aside, I am as equally smitten with The Lumineers. They are my four corner brothers, and there is just something in Wesley Schultz voice that makes you feel nostalgic. Ho Hey was the first song I started to play on the uke and I just can’t help but put an cat onesie and jam out when I’m listening to them.

  • Bob Marley because he transcends all generations and musical categories. He is not just “reggae”. He is folk because his music is representative or relative to a specific culture. He is rock because his chords are unmistakable though traditionally Jamaican. Rock music usually makes audiences want to “Jam”, and nobody knew “Jammin” like Bob. His music came from his soul and he presented an emotionally charged perspective similar to many folk rock artists and there lyrical style. And I bet most folk musicians learned a thing or two from him, and if not, at least appreciate his musical contributions.

  • As I am sure half the comments will say, my favorite artist in general, not just folk, is definitely Jake Bugg. While there are many great folk artist, Jake’s music has it’s own unique style that is great to listen to know no matter when it is.

  • tho there have been so many great ones, I’m extremely grateful for what Jake Bugg is doing now in this crazy, tricked out, technological music business/world. He seems to be a resurrection of many greats in one. Orbison/Dylan/Everly Bros/Cash/…even Brian Wilson (Broken) and he’s a cool punk too!

  • Jethro Tull, Kings of Leon, Jake Bugg…doesn’t matter what they play or sing, their heart and soul lies within folk which is the rawest form of art, beautiful!

  • Jake Bugg every time. Influenced by the best from the past but very fresh and different. Every word of every lyric tells a story from the heart – sung with a great voice accompanied by amazing guitar. A style completely his own, and a song for every mood.

  • Woody Guthrie – he is the original folk rock artist……Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, everyone up to Jake Bugg is walking in Woody’s footsteps and his songbook is not just folk rock history, his songs are part of the fabric of American culture. Also, what’s more rock n roll than having “This Machine Kills Fascists” written on your guitar in the 1930’s?!

  • My favorite folk rock artist has to be bob Dylan and the reason why is because Mr tambourine man always makes me sing along and there are very few artists that bring back classic 60-80s music, all you hear now is pop and xfactor doing covers I’ve seen jake bugg twice and he knows what real music is.

  • weather it be king krule this year with his pioneering sound, in my opinion.

    6 feet beneath the moon is the debut album from Archy Marshall, the front man for the band calls his sound “blue wave, getting back to why I like his music so much, there is no one out there like him past or present, because king krule is a merge of all music past and present.

    he came with his own sound which ” critics can’t put him in a box which they badly try to,

    examples of the comparisons are Joe Strummer, Billy Bragg, Morrissey from The Smiths, Ian dury and the Blockheads, Edwyn Collins and Mike Skinner from the streets,

    but Archy Marshall simply say’s “king krules ain’t me man, its just an escape, super hero shit, you put on your costume and shout down a mic.

    Advertisingly for me he paints pictures with his music then going on to say king crawling through the city the establishment on its knees, words taken from a youtube interview from FaceCulture

    I could go on but you did a say brief, I know theirs plenty more to come from me, so please do get in contact.

  • Other than Jake Bugg, I love the Finnish band Finntroll. Technically they are “folk metal”, but metal is a derivative of rock so I hope that counts. I love their upbeat folky sound combined with the harsh guitars and fast beats of metal, even if I don’t know what they’re singing about because it’s all in Finnish.

  • JAKE BUGG BY FARRRRRRRR!!! I SAW HIM IN MONTREAL AND LA and I’m trying not to spend money on tickets but it’s killing me. I actually believe that he is one of the most talented musicians out there and his talent rivals that of the early Beatles and Rolling Stones. You don’t leave that concert without falling 10 times more in love with him… his honestly transcends the music. To whomever goes, ENJOY!

  • Jake is the best new folk/rock artist to come from Britain in the last 30 years or more. He’s his own person and the words come from his heart. Every track is different and superb. Don’t follow the crowd, follow your heart.

  • Good Old War is just simply amazing. Their songs Calling Me Names & Window are simply fantastic just like Jake Bugg. I love Jake’s song Kentucky & Pine trees.

  • Don’t have a favorite but one of my top best Are the Beatles because when I close my eyes I can literally feel the music set me free. It hard to find music that makes you feel that way.

  • I’d have to go with A.A. Bondy. I’m a sucker for the folk/americana vibe, and his lyrics are so sorrowful and nostalgically rustic. In a good way. Plus he can really wail on a guitar if he needs to.

    …Oh, and Jake Bugg, obviously…

  • I know it seems obvious but for me it truly is Jake Bugg, I never thought I was into folk rock and but recently I’ve realised I am! Although this isn’t the only reason I love his music, Jake Bugg is so unique there’s nothing else like him. His first album was awesome and his second one is even better, I just love the contrast of the upbeat songs that you can sing along loud with and the slower songs were you can truly appreciate his unique voice! And to see him live would be such a privilege!

  • my favourite folk rock artisit is Jake Bugg! as a relatively young fan who missed the folk rock thing at its peak, Jake Bugg came along and I fell in love with the entire genre :~) he’s opened up a new passion for me!

  • Folk act… Maybe.. Someone told me.. The Bugg? Send me in a lightning to the trouble town L.A. to see the messed up kid perform! Im sittin at ma kitchen table writing this. I’d be broken if i didn’t get them tickettttss! I guess the guy/girl who chooses the winner has all your reasons not to pick me. Well, it’s the simple pleasures in life that sometimes make me wanna see it all. I guess I’ll slide over to my desk and write a note to myself to not write these dumb comments to win tickets to see the star and music soul J.B. Not bieber, gosh, but after this stupid scandinavian storm passes away, I think my old broadband will let me post this comment, or it will cause a huge fire… old cables! I have to hold two fingers on the ethernet cable to send this.

  • My favorite folk rock artist is Conor Oberst. He’s brilliant lyrically. His lyrics are deep and rich in metaphor and poetry. This guy can slice your heart open and tickle your soul. I love all his work from Bright Eyes to Monsters of Folk. Jake Bugg is awesome too though! I really hope I get the chance to see him perform live! :)

  • JAKE BUGG. I’ll be honest that I was born in the 90’s, so I was so used to boyband/girl groups and…today’s music. Jake Bugg’s music, even though he’s from the present-time, brings us back to the time where music was different! His voice is so amazing and just calms my soul.

  • Jake Bugg is the best singer I have ever heard. My friend and I went to his concert in Chicago and he sounds exactly like he does in his music videos.. which is amazing! Two fingers, broken, pine trees, and simple pleasures were definitely my favorite! and it was totally worth standing outside and inside for 6 hours in 4 inch heels! I love him, his music, his lyrics, and his angelic voice! It is so unique!

  • Jake Bugg, favourite song is a tie between Slide and Simple Pleasures because I really cannot pick between the two. He’s my favourite artist because without him, I’m not sure I’d be here today. His music and lyrics brought me out of a terribly dark place and I owe so much to him. It’s so amazing to have a musician that is raw and real and he has inspired me in so many ways

  • Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. There’s something about them that’s completely nostalgic, and when they’re all on stage together it makes you feel like you’re a part of it too. Not only that but every time their music comes on you can’t help but tap your foot. Such a great up-and-coming talent just like Mr. Bugg!

  • My favourite folk rock act has to be Crosby, Stills & Nash. The fact that their song “Helplessly Hoping” has brought me to tears says enough. They are the super group of the late 60s. The other night I had a dream that I met Stephen Stills and Graham Nash in a record store, and they were harmonizing as they talked to me. Their first self-titled album is one of my favourite LPs. I mean, they kicked ass at Woodstock and it was only their second gig playing together. Anyways, I also love Jake Bugg because he truly sounds like all of my favourite folk artists/bands put together, which basically means eargasms. Yep.

  • I think Fleet Foxes are one of the most underrated folk bands. Their whimsical sound yields a very euphoric listening experience. Each band member shows off their skills as multi-instrumental musicians in every song. The combination of their lyrics and sound create a very nostalgic and classic folk sound.

  • First Aid Kit because the Soderberg sisters appeal to my sooooouuuuuuul. So incredibly talented. Amazing voices, melodies, heart-wrenching lyrics just all around love!

    Pleaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeeee pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :) :) :) love love love Jake’s music

  • Current folk rock? Well obviously Jake Bugg. His music has so much emotion and feeling every time I listen to any of his songs a mini-movie plays through my head each more entertaining than the next. To feel that live, to feel the music booming through speakers shaking the venue would be wonderful.

  • Hello, My name is Olivia I am 21 and am a HUGE Jake Bugg song. I have been a huge folk lover for a long time but he takes folk to a whole new level, it is in between folk, country and indie music all in one. His music is very relaxing and lyrically inspiring. I fell in love with “simple as this”, “broken”, “me and you” beneath the pine tress” and well all his songs really. I got all my friends into him too, you can say I’m obsessed. Besides Jake Bugg two of my favourite folk artists are Bob Dylan and Tom Buckley. I love the 60’s and jake bugg was definitely born in the wrong error. I would love to the opportunity to win Ii have never been anywhere. !

  • Jake Bugg is my new favorite folk artist, but the best that I’ve seen live would have to be Chuck Ragan’s Revival tour. The guest artists that perform are different every year from bands from Against Me, and Rise Against. And the camaraderie that they bring to the stage is like no other, which is what folk music is all about.

  • Andrew Jackson Jihad. i think they are extremely underrated, overshadowed by some of today’s famous mainstream folk bands like Mumford & Sons or The Lumineers (which are some pretty great bands, nonetheless). i always find myself listening to their songs at interesting points in my life, and I never get tired of it.