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You Get A Jake Bugg Ticket! And You Get A Jake Bugg Ticket! And… You Get The Idea

If you didn’t listen to me a year ago, I’m going to repeat myself: Jake Bugg is the man. Folk Rock in general seems to be making a well-deserved comeback. Every time I turn on the TV some commercial is ripping off Simon and Garfunkel, or a little movie called Inside Llewyn Davis is blogged about, or, cough, THE LUMINEERS existence. Anything is better than Miley, right?

To top it all off, Bugg is back! He’s released a new album titled Shangri Laand while sophomore albums tend to be sub-par in general, his is a refreshing extension of his previous work with higher production quality. He’s grown up, and only 19!

If you’d like to win concert ticket’s to his upcoming show in LA @ The Wiltern, all you need to do is post in the comments section below what your favorite Folk Rock Act is and why! We’ll be choosing the winners and releasing two pairs of tickets to his show THIS FRIDAY 1/24! Besure to enter by midnight PST tonight!


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  • Sorta cheating to ask this in an article praising Jake Bugg, but hey, I’d vote for him anyway… Since I was first exposed to his music, I haven’t stopped listening to the two albums virtually daily supplemented with lots of YouTube videos! “Seen It All” might be the best song I’ve never heard on the radio, ever!

  • I would have to say that apart from Jake my favourite folk artist is Laura Marling. She’s a lyrical genius, her lyrics are so powerful and her sweet voice compliments them so well. Also she is an amazing guitarist. She started at a young age like Jake and you can see how she matures with every album.

  • Jake Bugg, is by far one of the best artists I’ve come across in a very long time. I started following him from the beginning and have been a huge fan ever since. My favorite song is “Simple as This.” from the melody to the heart-felt lyrics, to the slight echo at the bridge and chorus, it’s is absolutely captivating. It’s tale of fruitless soul-searching is very relative, and the conclusion makes it one of the best new songs I’ve heard in the last 20 years (and i’m 26). It just goes to show you that if someone is willing to go against the corporate bastardization of the modern music industry, with songs that are genuine and heartfelt, REAL music can still rise above the pile of reconstituted garbage that is polluting the air waves of today. Jake Bugg is the only modern artist i consider to be genuine.

  • My favorite folk rock act is Bob Dylan’s 1975 Rolling Thunder tour. This was when Dylan was at his ultimate best in my opinion. Everything flowed out of him without effort. He sang and played many of the best versions of his classics during this tour. Tangled Up In Blue comes to mind especially. I’m not too fond of the excessive makeup though.

    Bob Dylan, in general, is still the best folk artist to have ever played. His body of work is so diverse and he constantly reinvented music, his peers, and himself. You can see all of this with his #1 song, Like A Rolling Stone. It was one of the first songs to go past 4 minutes in length. The guitar playing is melodic and playful. Dylan was heard to have instructed his guitarists to avoid playing “BB King bullshit” for this song. Like A Rolling Stone was also a reinvention of himself as this was one of the first electric songs he recorded.

    I love listening to Jake Bugg and today, he really is the closest thing to Dylan, but Dylan deserves the highest respect. He will always be the jester that stole the thorny crown.

  • Simon and garfunkel! Listening to the sound of silence is like losing your virginity to society, it’s pretty intense. I felt like I had never seen the world for what it truly was. It was deep and a little melancholy but real, an then you listen to Ms. Robinson and it’s completely different. They’re just so versatile and their lyrics are as meaningful as proverbs or something. They have this way with words that makes me glad to be alive, it’s just so flabbergasting to see that two male humans can take 26 different characters and turn them into something so thoughtful and beautiful. It’s shocking, really. Just two ordinary humans creating something much larger than them, they are art. And I love how they didn’t follow normal song structures. Some songs did but they didn’t feel that it was necessary to do what everyone else does. If you hear old friends and bookends it’s great to know that they’re two different songs that can be out together to make one song that’s essentially a story. And the boxer! The boxer is an honest song and I can honestly say I’ve cried listening to it.

  • I would say Trampled by Turtles, but no one compares to the precious Jake Bugg!! His original yet timeless sound always makes me want to hear more. I saw him in Denver and hope he comes back to the mile high!

  • Aside from Jake Bugg, Bright Eyes is my favorite folk rock art. Conor Oberst is a talented writer and musician that got me through some tough times. Hearing the album “Lifted or The Story Is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground” on my train ride to work is such an amazing experience.

  • Besides Jake Bugg, one of my favorite folk rock acts is Beirut. Their music has provided me with stress relief, inspired me to pursue my own creative endeavors, and made me pause to appreciate life.

  • The Fleet Foxes are probably my favorite folk act at the moment (along with J Bugg). The first song I heard by them was Montezuma . At first I thought I had heard it before in Mad Men or something, but soon realized I had never heard it before. There was something immediately familiar about it, yet also something completely new. It’s mystical, enchanting. I love their vocal harmonies and Robin Pecknold’s voice in particular. They are complete musicians.

    Also, I think Jake Bugg, showing so much talent and musical maturity at such a young age, is absolutely extraordinary. I hope I’m not jinxing anything, but I’ve said to many people before that I predict his career will follow a Beatles-like trajectory, in that he will continually improve and evolve as a songwriter.

  • I personally think Jake Bugg is are generations version of early Bob Dylan, He is a rebel to the current folk resurgence of today!! I don’t care what anybody else says he is bringing balls back to folk.. enough of this growing a beard and thinking were raised during great depression! As Chris said Jake Bugg is the man!!!

  • I remember the first time I heard Jake sing, I was mesmerized by his voice. He has captivated my attention ever since I clicked on his music video two years ago. He takes his emotions and turns them into works of art, he is an authentic singer song writer. I love his music because I can really connect to it. Over all he is an amazing performer and a incredible artist! : )

  • I love Jake Bugg because all his songs are so caching and addicting. His voice is so unique that no one could compare, and you can honestly hear the meaning in his songs that just makes me love him even more!

  • My dream performance would be something between Bob Dylan, Laura Marling and Bugg (duh). Just because they all seem to be able to create their own little universe in which i love to live. That’s the power of really good music, good music is music that makes you think that you are actually able to do unexpected and impossible things. It’s more than just a nice flow, it’s a moment that both people share, the artist and the listener. A moment, so short, but so intense.

  • Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros is my favorite folk rock band. Their music sounds so happy and Alex and Jade voices carry so much soul. The first time I heard them I cried. Their lyrics are very methodical and poetic. I like how Alex tries to create music that he would listen to as a child and how as an adult he doesn’t want the band to limit themselves.

    Their music is a spiritual experience. The band seems very personable and when playing live they try to break the barrier between the stage and the audience. They seem detached from the material word and more into living more meaningful lives which is apparent in their music. Overall their music and messages are very whimsical and surreal.

  • I never really pay attention to genres. To me music is all about the sound and the message in the lyrics. Jake Bugg has that sort of cool sultry voice that reminds me of that old school rock. It’s refreshing and classic in an age where the artist for my generation are all singing about shaking their respective body parts. This folk genre takes me back to a simpler time in music and in life and that’s why I love it.

  • I’m crazy about Jake Bugg and Arctic Monkeys. I’ve never been to the concert of any of them and I only watched their shows in TV. Jake Bugg makes the music good for every mood, he can make you happy and he can calm you down by the speakers on full volume. Alex Turner is the best frontman ever. His dance can make you happy too ;) they play music which somebody loves or hates. It’s difficult and they deserve for congratulations. They deserve for these all their fans.

  • I haven’t been excited about ANY musician in a very long time. Then I heard Jake Bugg, and Wow!! He is unlike anyone I’ve ever heard! I was blown away instantly! Last time I was at the Wiltern, I saw Billy Bragg….great show! I’m sure Jake ‘s show will be amazing too! Pick me!!!

  • I went to see Jake bugged at the o2 areana last month he was amazing my new favourite artist I love all the videos and actorsin them too my ffavourite director is Shane meadows so I cannot fault him at all

  • My homeplace is the Balkans and I have grown up to the melodies of traditional folk, rock and gypsy music which are numerous and colourful all over our land. By far the best known outside our communities and also one of the most incredibly talented musicians of our time is Goran Bregović. His soundtracks for the movies of Emir Kusturica are captivating and complete them to the extent where you can’t imagine the thing itself without the music. One of my favourite songs ever has to be In The Death Car with Iggy Pop from Arizona Dream. A melody that makes me emotional every time in combination with Iggy Pop’s vocals.

  • When it comes to folk rock bands and singers, i don’t have one particular favorite, but one song i adore is Bad Moon On The Rise by Creedence Clearwater Revival, ever since i heard it from the movie an american werewolf in London I have been obsessed with it. I also loved Bob Dylan and Mamas and the Papas as a child. I’m happy that my parents had an amazing taste in music :)

  • My favourite folk rock act is Jake Bugg because he is truly brilliant. His lyrics are honest, he is a talented musician and as a person, it’s clear that he is all about the music – not the fame. It’s impressive because he is so different to other artists of his age – who love to sing about parties/sex/complete shite. Jake Bugg is old school but cool.

  • Nick Drake is my favourite folk rock artist . His guitar technique mixed with his voice and melodies leave me in awe . Nick Drake suffered from depression similar to mine at a young age and his songs seem to relax me

  • Jake Bugg is my Favorite Folk Rock Act at this time. I saw him in NYC in 2013, and had to process his sound (whether it was nostalgia or pure
    “him” that was resinating). After a few listens to his 1st album after the show, it was a definitive “him” and his talent as songwriter and musician. Jake may be 19, but his words express a lifetime of experience.

  • My favorite is Jake Bugg of course! He brings new sound to today’s music and I’ve seen him live twice and just love his pure, raw, awesome music and I would do anything to see him again ❤️

  • Mumford and Sons – I saw them live for the first time in California last year and that is what has catapulted them to the pantheon of elite Folk Rock acts. I sense that if I get the chance to see Jake Bugg tonight in LA, a similar phenomenon may occur… #pickme

  • Jake’s my new favourite folk rock singer, his songs are both very emotional as well as gritty, becoming quite relatable, especially with our ages being so close. Bob Dylan, naturally, would be the all time great for me, he captured both a time and a place perfectly with his political and social anthems.

  • Right now LA is a great place for up and coming folk acts with Echo Country Outpost and Honky Tonk Hacienda at El Cid (to name a couple of venues that are supporting the scene). There you have the super indie folk acts like Homesick Elephant which are adorable, yet impressionable, and cradle you within songs laced with cleaver lyrics and sweet harmonies. Also, putting folk and americana back on the airwaves is Jamestown Rival, a favorite of mine who just recently killed it on KCRW. Bands like that make me excited to see where the independent folk/country movement will take us.

  • My favourite Folk/Rock act is definitely Jake Bugg! As soon as I heard his first album I was hooked and now have both his self-titled album and Shangri La on repeat on my ipod. I love how you can see the influences of the music he grew up with (Oasis, Cash, The Beatles) in his performances and in his music but it is still so uniquely his own. Such amazing talent and charisma from one so young and I would be lucky to be able to see him live. He’s my #1 to see in 2014 for sure!

  • Jake Bugg, of course!
    Since the day I discovered him I’m officialy addicted to the folk, relaxed but energetic sound of his songs… he’s definitely a revelation and I hope he gets far because he is one of the few artists that deserve to be on the top nowadays.
    Seeing him live would be, in two words, MY DREAM.

  • Jake bugg because I’m from the same place as him and love his music and I think that he has shown people what he can do and he is such a lovely person and is amazing live!

  • I’ve always been a fan of simon and garfunkle, I grew up listening to it with my dad, moving along into my 20’s I was excited to see a singer in my age jonnra arrive that brought in as much talent if not more then S&G. My boyfriend and I have been following Bugg since his first peaks into recognition. The fact that he is so real with his lyrics and portrays a true musical talent, shows just how dedicated he is to his craft. His lyrics open up a story book of confessions and are a voice of inspiration and comfort to struggling adolebsents. His songs of love are pure. The unique tones that fluctuate from his rhythmic voice send shivers down your neck. Each word is carefully proportioned to melt your heart. He is true to himself. He does not care about fame. He is all about the art of music, and always will be. That is why my boyfriend and I have such great respect for this young Lad. We would love to see him again.

  • Umm, I honestly enjoy folk music in general. At the current time, I like Of Monsters and Men a lot. Basically every song on their “little talks” is gold. I’ve always been a fan of Old Crow Medicine Show, same thing with Mumford and Sons. But I’ve never actually been to any of their shows, I wish I could but with school and work = no time. sacrifices. People always stare at me when I rock out to jake bugg in the grocery store. meh, screw em. I heard jake bugg on a no commercial radio channel in Akron and have been in love with his sound ever since. Keep on rocking man.

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