You Get A Jake Bugg Ticket! And You Get A Jake Bugg Ticket! And… You Get The Idea

If you didn’t listen to me a year ago, I’m going to repeat myself: Jake Bugg is the man. Folk Rock in general seems to be making a well-deserved comeback. Every time I turn on the TV some commercial is ripping off Simon and Garfunkel, or a little movie called Inside Llewyn Davis is blogged about, or, cough, THE LUMINEERS existence. Anything is better than Miley, right?

To top it all off, Bugg is back! He’s released a new album titled Shangri Laand while sophomore albums tend to be sub-par in general, his is a refreshing extension of his previous work with higher production quality. He’s grown up, and only 19!

If you’d like to win concert ticket’s to his upcoming show in LA @ The Wiltern, all you need to do is post in the comments section below what your favorite Folk Rock Act is and why! We’ll be choosing the winners and releasing two pairs of tickets to his show THIS FRIDAY 1/24! Besure to enter by midnight PST tonight!


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  • Folk Rock is pretty great right now. The Avett Brothers can do no wrong in my eyes one release after another. They have a stage presence like no other. Another great folk rock band out there right now is First Aid Kit. Two sisters who are right around the age of 19, that much like Bugg, seem to have it down. As noted above that it tends to be true that sophomore albums don’t often match up to first releases, First Aid Kits second release rivals their first and makes me excited to see what they as well as Jake Bugg will do next. Would love to see Jake Bugg tomorrow night :)

  • A different kind of scene, on the realm of psychedelic folk rock, singer/songwriter Father John Misty. He’s created an art form of great pleasure. Great writing, wild dancing, and a solid band – always a good show.

  • Nice to see Folk Rock getting more attention. I’m loving James Vincent McMorrow at the moment. He’s changed so much over his career and really matured as a musician.

  • To echo the above comment, I lovelove the Avett Brothers and have since I first laid ears on Mignonette in college while drinking beer and Boone’s Farm around a fire at my best friend’s lake house in Mississippi. Like that memory, this band just fills my heart up with happiness and nostalgia and warmth–even their more melancholy or even heartbreaking songs–and their lyrics are as big of gems as their songs and albums as wholes. While I am not being that cool by listing a newer or more obscure band, I stand behind my choice to choose this band as my favorite folk rock group 1) because they’ve stayed true to their sound while compounding upon it in often gorgeous ways; 2) they’re even better live (which is always a lovely thing); and 3) they’ve been a go-to for me for years and will continue to be.

  • Flight Of The Conchords live album Folk The World.

    In more serious musicians I would say The Devil Makes Three are a folk band worthy of listening to especially there ode to jack Daniels ‘Old Number 7′

  • WELL OBVOISLY JAKE BUGG!!! He has completely brung back his style of music, and made it even better than before!! He deserves to be noticed more often! He has also stayed singing ans writing sings his way and not changed in any way even though he gets told hes rubbish. His voice is so calming and soothing and just completely perfect.

  • Jake Bugg is by far the best! He sounds like he’s from another time. His lyrics are amazing! He has this way with his voice and he is like no other act out right now!

  • My favorite folk rock act might be a bit obvious as it’s Jake Bugg himself. I just love his unique and raw voice, not to mention his stellar songwriting. I can get lost listening to his music on repeat for hours. His music is great and he is extremely talented, especially for someone so young.

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