Watch the HER Trailer with Philip Seymour Hoffman as Samantha

Har, the Richard Trammell spoof of Spike Jonze’s buzzy and beautiful modern love story Her, might just be perfect. It’s unexpected, guffaw-inducing, and all-around one of the best spoofs on the film we’ve seen. Hyperbole aside, the clever swap-out of Scarlett Johansson for Philip Seymour Hoffman takes a film so tender and intimate in its drama and transforms the dynamic relationship of operating system Samantha and Theodore Twombly to new comedic heights. Gone are the hushed tones and stolen away secrets: in its place are declarations of “pigfuck” and “I’m just messing with you, sasquatch.” Who knew replacing Johansson’s sex kitten for Hoffman’s outlandish oaf would create something so resplendent? At this point, Spike Jonze is probably considering a sequel — if he knows what’s good for him.

Featuring snippets from some of Hoffman’s most famous roles — including hilarious interjections from The Master and Happiness — the trailer turns the film from a precious and charming love-story-gone-weird to a bromantical journey towards self-expression and awkward sexual escapades. And did we mention how seamlessly the whole thing plays out? There’s a subplot in this version of the film in which Amy Adams’ character ends up having some sort of kooky love affair, there just has to be. Whatever: we’d totally let Hoffman operate our system. Who wouldn’t want to be awakened by an ornery and erratic-sounding Oscar-winner?

HT: IndieWire

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