The CW Announces A VERONICA MARS Spinoff Web Series

Last week we got our first look at the crowdfunded return of our favorite private investigator to the big screen. Now comes more exciting news to go along with that, with the recent announcement of an upcoming Veronica Mars digital spinoff series.

As of now there’s no set date for this, and it could very well be released after the movie’s March 14th launch. Given that as of right now it’s being deemed a “spinoff,” I couldn’t even tell you which characters are going to be a part of the webisodes. The announcement came by way of The CW, which stated that CW Digital and Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas will both have a hand in the web series’ creation. So if anything, at least we know that the series is in good hands, and that, right there my friends, is enough for fans to be excited about.

HT: Variety

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