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Sir Ben Kingsley Returns in New Marvel One-Shot

Thor TDW_All Hail the King_ main

by on January 10, 2014


Sir Ben Kingsley made quite an impression in Iron Man 3 as (space inserted to prevent the bit that appears on the front page and in Facebook posts from including this spoiler part, even though you’ve probably all seen the movie by now. Is that enough? We’ll find out…) the evil terrorist The Mandarin, who turned out just to be (more space just in case) Trevor Slattery, sloppy actor from Croydon. Oh, how the comic book community loved THAT little plot twist. But, so much of an impression did Kingsley make in his role within a role that Marvel have brought him back (still bearded and ponytailed, naturally) for the latest Marvel One-Shot short film, entitled All Hail the King.

In it, Slattery has become a celebrity prisoner after the events of IM3, and he sits down with a documentary filmmaker (played by Scoot McNairy) to discuss his process, his actor’s pain, and his struggle for acceptance. Yeah, he’s full of it. Enjoy the first images of said short below. It looks like Slattery’s found his color. Oranges: the new black.

You can see Kingsley and McNairy in All Hail the King as part of the Thor: The Dark World Blu-ray combo pack, hitting store shelves and online retailers on February 25th which will also include deleted and extended scenes, a 30-minute retrospective about Thor and Loki, a first look at Captain America: The Winter Soldier and a commentary with director Alan Taylor, producer Kevin Feige, and Loki himself, Tom Hiddleston.

Thor The Dark World 3D Combo Box Art