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Sex Nerd Sandra: Anal New Year with Sara Benincasa

RECTUMS AND RESOLUTIONS! Delightful author and comedian Sara Benincasa opens up about her butt. TOPICS: Kenny Powers, Special Olympics, Successful Resolution Strategy, Performance Anxiety, Orgasm Alternatives, Relaxing the Vag, Beyonce, Catholicism, Fleshbot Porn Awards, Anal Attitude, The Ol’ College Tries, The Wolf of Wall Street, Girls, Control, Margaret Cho, External Butt Play, and Epiphanies! PLUS Sara’s impressive self-confidence Brainhack.


Sara Benincasa is an award-winning comedian and author of the book “Agorafabulous!: Dispatches From My Bedroom” from William Morrow (a division of HarperCollins), a book based on her critically acclaimed solo show about panic attacks and agoraphobia. Her comedy has won praise from the Chicago Tribune, CNN, The Guardian, and The New York Times, and has earned her an ECNY (Emerging Comedian of New York) Award and a Webby nomination. Her second book, “Great,” a Gatsby-inspired novel about love and scandal among teens in the Hamptons, is due out in April 2014 from HarperTeen. Sara is currently working on her third book, “Believers,” due out from HarperTeen in summer 2015. Inspired by “Lord of the Flies,” it’s about a group of evangelical Christian teen girls from Texas who crash-land on a deserted island.

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