Odd City’s New Limited Edition SECRET OF NIMH Artwork

If great things from your childhood make you weep then get ready for some serious Claire Danes-cry face: Austin, TX-based Odd City has teamed up with up-and-coming illustrator Erica Williams to release a new limited edition film poster for The Secret of NIMH. You remember the 1982 Don Bluth classic (or at least you would if you weren’t sobbing so hard worrying whether Mrs. Brisby would be able to save her son Timothy from the plow, or lamenting the inhumane treatment suffered by Nicodemus and the rats of NIMH, or just beginning to grasp basic elements of more complex sociological themes inherent in the plot) for being beautifully animated and for featuring the voice stylings of Dom DeLuise and – surprise! – Wil Wheaton.

NIMH Silk screen final

Erica Williams has created a really awesome new movie poster, along with three limited-edition letterpresses all rendered in her signature naturalistic and detailed style. They’re all available at the Odd City Entertainment Store on Monday, January 27.

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  • I really don’t understand . . . why would great things from your childhood make you want to weep? This site seems to have a very odd, hyper-emotional definition of what it means to be a fan of something . . .